48mm twist off lug silver lids or tops for preserving bottles or jars pack of 12

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48mm Twist off  lug lid in silver colour for bottles and jars

Recycle your old jam, honey, olive, spagehtti sauce, or store bought product bottles


These lids fit any bottle that takes a 48mm lug or twist off lid. These lids are 48mm size.

Reusing old twist off lids for preserving is not a good idea, and false economy, when you consider the effort you go to putting your preserves together.  Reheating the lids deteriorates the seal putting your preserves at risk.  You want to be sure your product  will be safe to eat.

These lids do not have pop up buttons  on them, the lids with those buttons are really just for the commercial market so its obvious someone has opened the lid and put it back on the shelf. I do have some lids with buttons check my entire range of twist off lids to see.  These particular lids however, without a button, still give a clear indication that a vacuum has been achieved after preserving because the lid will have a concave appearance to it, if it is not obvious to you, you can hold the jar at eye level and pass a pencil over the top of it and see the gap beneath the pencil, but it will be pretty obvious then.  

These lids are only to be used for preserving in a water bath method.  Preserving anything in glass jars in the oven is very dangerous as very little glass can withstand that kind of temperature, and these lids absolutely cannot be used that way as the temperature is too high.  You can easily search the internet for full and detailed instructions on water bath preserving.


  1. Please make sure you make the right decision, as I cant accept returns for sizing mistakes as these lids will be in contact with someone elses food.
  2. take the measurement from your old lid, just place a ruler over the widest part of the lid on the underside.  As no lid I carry is closer than 5mm to the next one, if you see 66 or 67 across the entire width of your lid then 65 would be correct ie I carry 38, 43, 48, 53, 58, 63 70 and 82mm in various coloured lids.  If this assists you in determining lid size - measuring near enough without going closer to another measurement would be a good indication you are right but the final decision is yours.
  3. measure the top of your bottle  to the outer edge of the threads on the outside of the top. (see image)
  4. I can email you a sheet you can print out showing the actual size of lids on the page allowing you to compare what I have to what you are replacing just ask. There is a 50c coin on that sheet so you can check you got it right but it must be printed out to exactly A4 size with borderless printing or it will not work for you. Im also happy to post this to you
  5. Contact me with a phone number and I can  call you and I can walk you through the whole measuring process as well


There are two primary types of jars/bottles and lids/closures - 

  1. Lug, or twist off which is what these lids are, is where the bottle has multiple threads, and the top has an equal number of lugs or tabs that grip the corresponding threads, these are also called twist off as you don't so much screw the top off or on, you twist it and its of or on, like most jam jars for example.
  2. Continuous thread, which is not what these lids are for,  that is the style of a mason jar where the thread is continuous from the top to the bottom of where you put the lid on.  They are the lids you have to keep screwing on till they stop.  Mason jars are continuous thread.

Any questions don't hesitate to ask before purchasing. Please choose carefully, I cannot accept returns on these lids if you choose the wrong ones as I cannot resell them.  Please contact me if you need assistance, all possible information regarding measuring to see you are buying the correct lids has been provided but Im always happy to help you work it out personally.  I would even be happy to send you a sample rather than have you make a mistake.  If you are not sure please ask me.



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